Is Sam Hunt’s Beard Growing On You or Not? [POLL]
It seems my boy Sam Hunt's beard is getting longer ... and longer ... and longer each time I see a picture of him.
I don't have a problem with a beard if it's not too long and trimmed around the neck. But I'm not a fan of a Gandolf beard!
Do you like Sam Hunt with a beard? Take our…
Do You Like Tim McGraw’s Scruff?
Tim McGraw has been seen sporting a scruffy beard as he makes the rounds promoting his new album.
I love me some Tim and I have to say that I like the beard on him, which is a little surprising, since I'm not normally a beard lover. I love the color, which is salt and peppered...
Boy Scouts Sporting Full Beards Are Kind of Creepy [PHOTOS]
The purpose of the new series of print ads from Boy Scouts of America is to convey how scouting skills can transform youngsters from boys into full-bearded men.
However, there is something unsettling about seeing beards that would make Kimbo Slice or Zach Galifianakis jealous on the faces of boys sti…