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BULL-ywood News Headlines for November 30th 2012
-TRACE ADKINS issued a statement saying he meant no offense by wearing a Confederate flag earpiece on NBC's Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  He said that he "objects to oppression of any kind" . . . and that the Confederate flag "represents" his Southe…
BULL-ywood News | October 22nd 2012
BULL-ywood News for Monday October 22nd 2012
#.)  MICHAEL LOHAN showed up at LINDSAY'S house on Friday to supposedly stage some kind of "intervention".  He thinks she relapsed, and is surrounding herself with alcoholics and drug addicts...
Lauren Alaina Chops Her Hair Off
Lauren Alaina is ready for the hot weather, and now she has the hairstyle to prove it! Over the weekend, Alaina had her long locks chopped off and is now sporting a short hairdo that hits her at the chin and makes her look much more mature.
Trace Adkins Recording Naked In The Studio?
Over the last few months we have seen A LOT of Trace Adkins in the buff!!
It all started when his record company had him start tweeting. About a month ago Trace tweeted a picture of his badonkadonk before his kidney stone surgery.
Now ... he has tweeted a picture of himself in the recording studio in …
Are You Excited About TNT’s Show “Dallas”?
I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see TNT's show "Dallas"! One of the reasons, I would sit and watch it with my Grandma and Grandpa. They are both no longer with us, but they are always close to my heart.
I love the promo poster just released from TNT! It is a play off of the orig…
Kellie Pickler’s Weird Shoes
On Friday Kellie Picker guest - hosted on NBC's "Today Show". She was wearing a weird pair of shoes that looked like high heels, but don't have heels? I love my shoes and high heels, but these just look uncomfortable! Would you wear them...
Is Jennifer Aniston Engaged to Justin Theroux?
Could Jennifer Aniston be engaged to Justin Theroux? She was spotted in New York City over the weekend wearing what looked like an engagement ring. I soooo want her to be happy, find love and get married. Do you think this is an engagement ring...

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