central washington state fair

Fair Highlights: Wednesday, Sept. 24
Rain? Who cares? Won't slow us down today.
Besides, if it gets too bad, we can always go indoors. We might start there, anyway -- hot cup of coffee (with a lid!) and a stroll through the fabric and fashion displays in the Modern Living Building sound pretty good this afternoon...
Fair Highlights: Tuesday, Sept. 23
Let's class it up a little today, what do you say?
First stop -- after grabbing a quick cup of Americano to go -- is some fine arts displays, upstairs and in the annex of the Ag Building. Local painters, carvers ... nice.
THEN we'll hit the racing pigs again...
Park and Ride to the Fair For FREE!
If you are planning on heading to the Central Washington State Fair but don't want to hassle with parking AND want to save a few shekels for an extra corn dog, check out the FREE shuttle service being offered by Yakima Transit.
My Planned Routes at the Central Washington State Fair [VIDEOS]
We have the Central Washington State Fair coming soon and, whenever you go anywhere, it's always nice to have a battle plan. Still make time to do the things you want to do, but you don't want to miss out on anything, either. Here are the three different plans of attack I have when I visit…
State Fair Survival Guide: What to Bring
The Central Washington State Fair is upon us, but don't fall into the same old trap: You show up and forget something or, even worse, you show up with too much stuff and it weighs you down. Here are a few things to consider bringing with you to the Central Washington State Fair...
The Bull’s Great Ticket Heist
Normally here at the radio station we split up fair tickets with our sister stations and naturally, 92.9 The Bull always ends up with the country shows
But with acts like Joan Jett, Kansas, George Thorogood and others, we wanted tickets for every show so we could hook you up.
That's what got Rik, Mich…

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