Power Grid Worries and Brazilian Beef Talks
House Science Committee Chair Lamar Smith spoke about the threats to the electric power grid and the need to prioritize improving our electric grid. US and Brazil talking about reopening trade. Dept of Ag looking at where they are getting the most accurate data.
Yakima Flooding Spared Our Boss’s Place — Barely [VIDEO]
Michele and I ribbed our boss Nik on the air today about living on Lake Aspen. It was fun to goof around but luckily his wife and he have one of the few homes that managed to escape a worse fate.
Nik grabbed some video surveying the damage left behind by the receding waters.
Flood Warnings For Parts of Yakima and Kittitas Counties
Before you take off for work Tuesday you might want to make sure your regular route isn't flooded out. Due to flooding from snow melt and rain flowing down from the mountains, authorities have completely blocked off traffic to the intersection of Fruitvale Boulevard and 40th Avenue, where it le…