What Businesses Does the Yakima Valley Need? [POLL]
The Yakima Valley seems to be growing a little bit more every day, and new businesses keep popping up. It seems, though, that the businesses are often similar. For example, Mexican restaurants. I love Mexican food, but we have a billion Mexican restaurants already. We also seem to have a mattress st…
Barbecue Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend [VIDEOS]
Think Stock
Memorial Day is for us to remember military men and woman that have died to keep us free. We remember all of those who have died. It also marks the unofficial start of barbecue season and will find many Americans firing up the grill this holiday weekend...
How Many Times a Week Do You Eat Out?
Eating out has become the norm with a lot of Americans. I can remember as a child when eating out was a treat and we maybe got to go once a week if we were lucky.
As a busy adult I find myself eating at a restaurant nearly every day. Time is money and I enjoy my sleep and it's much easier to go …

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