Does Angry Furby Scare Your Kids?
My daughter Shaylee loves playing with her brother Jackson's Furby. Friday night while my husband and I were at my company Christmas party Shaylee was playing with Jackson's Furby. She woke it up and it was ANGRY! It scared her and she freaked out a little...
Want To Know What Stores Have Furbys?
My son Jackson has a blue Furby on his Christamas list.
We learned this morning that they are the hot toy for the holiday season and are going fast! This freaked me out! What if I can't find a blue one?
I called around this morning and here is what I found:
Toys r us - in stock
Walmart - Nob Hill - out …
The Big Toy This Holiday Season is . . . the Furby?
No, this is not us doing a flashback, and reading a Christmas news story from 14 years ago.
According to toy industry experts, one of the biggest toys this holiday season is . . . the FURBY.  Yes, the same creepy, talking Furby that the media claimed kids loved back in the late '90s...