Racist Graffiti in Yakima Found on Union Street [NSFW]
Yakima has had a problem with graffiti for several years now. It's mostly tagging, but you get some words every once in a while. When my wife's friend shared this photo to me, I wanted to show it to you to see how bad it has gotten. The uncensored photo is below.
City of Yakima Changes Approach on it’s Graffiti Problem
The City of Yakima has been dealing with graffiti since the early 1990's and at last nights Council meeting the city revamped it's policy on graffiti removal and abatement. Council members endorsed a plan submitted by the City Manager that will ultimately result in quicker removal.
Man Vandalizes Garage With Spray-Painted Proposal [VIDEO]
We've seen our fair share of wacky marriage proposals, but this one might take the cake.
UPI reports that New York-based couple Roger and Carolyn Mooyoung got the surprise of their life when they received a letter informing them that their Florida vacation home had been vandalized.
According to the le…