Dog Crashes and Completes Half Marathon [VIDEO]
Dozer, a three year-old golden doodle, ran most of the Maryland Half Marathon last week.
Unbeknownst to his owners, Dozer broke free of his electric fence and joined up with the road race when its participants ran past his front yard -- which sat at about the five mile mark of the half marathon.
Man Attempts to Run Marathon Nude
It was likely meant to be a joke, but nude marathon runner Brett S. Henderson wasn't laughing Sunday when he got tased by police officers and slapped with public indecency and obstructing official business charges.
The 35-year-old Cincinnati resident was running -- sans clothes -- in Sunday&apos…
American Sumo Wrestler Becomes Heaviest Man To Complete Marathon
Kelly Gnieiting just became the heaviest man to complete a marathon over the weekend. Just over 26 miles and he did it at 9 hours, 48 minutes and 42 seconds. Guinness had the previous record at 275 pounds as Kelly Gnieting clocking in at just under 400 (396.2) pounds. This story is making headlines …