Michele Mathews

Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar is Closing This Saturday
One of my favorite restaurants is closing! Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar in the Valley Mall has announced that they will close their doors this Saturday (June 17).
I had heard a rumor that they will be closing, but secretly wished that it wasn't true. Twigs verified the rumor Monday on their Face…
Was That a Tornado in Gleed? [VIDEO]
Did you catch the mini-twister or tornado that blew through Gleed Thursday afternoon? I was upstairs in my bedroom when I heard the wind start to pick up. I started to hear the howl of the wind. That got my attention, but I just thought due to the rain we had on and off through the day that it was j…
Want to Drive Stick? Look It Up On YouTube
Wanna learn how to fix a water-heater? Watch YouTube. Wanna learn how to apply highlighter? Watch YouTube. Wanna learn how to drive a stick shift? Watch YouTube.
My 19-year-old son Benjamin has been looking to purchase a car, but the one he wants would be a stick shift. His current car is an automati…

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