Michele Mathews

I Got Hit By a Car in Yakima! It Was Scary, But I’m OK
I thought Friday night was going to be a fun evening. My oldest son was home from college to celebrate his birthday, and we'd decided to head to Olive Garden for dinner.
We parked across from Olive Garden near Chase Bank. The five of us were standing waiting at the crosswalk -- myself, my 10-year-old…
Boot Barn’s Coming to Yakima!
Some recent news has my feet ready to do the Boot Scootin Boogie! Thanks to Hogback Development Co., the Yakima Valley will be getting a BOOT BARN!
This is only the second BOOT BARN to open in our state, and it will be a part of the Tahoma Square on South First Street...
What Will Save a Wet Laptop?
My niece Carly was studying for finals at YVCC yesterday when she decided to take a little break and grab some apple juice.
This apple juice break turned into a computer tragedy. Yes ... she spilled her glass of apple juice on her laptop, which contains all her notes for finals to study. Her mom (Kym…
Case of the Blues Closing After 24-Year Run in Yakima
After 24 years the Junior League of Yakima and the Yakima Greenway have announced the end of a Case of the Blues summer music festival.
The event -- which drew some of the Northwest's biggest artists to Sarg Hubbard Park but which required a lot of time and effort from volunteers from the J…
The Perfect Pairing: Coffee and Wine
FINALLY!!! Two of my favorite things -- coffee and wine -- have been fused together!
The coffee from Wild Card Roosters is infused with Napa Valley's Molinari Private Reserve, which they've spent two years perfecting.
Rik and Michele Needed Some Fruit Compote Schooling
Today is national fruit compote day, which Rik and I had no clue what fruit compote even is or how to pronounce compote. (We don't get out much.)
Thanks to our wonderful listeners who called to school us with the explanation of what fruit compote is. It's fruit in a sugar syrup with spices …
Have You Fallen Asleep In An Odd Place?
In honor of today being National Public Sleeping Day Rik & I discussed odd places that you've fallen asleep.
Rik falls asleep at concerts. I've fallen asleep during a movie at a movie theater, but our listener Robert takes the award for most odd place to fall asleep. Robert woke on …

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