Michele Mathews

Do You Buy Christmas Presents for Yourself?
You're out Christmas shopping, wandering through a store searching for the perfect gift when out of the corner of your eye something shiny and blingy catches your eye.
You veer straight toward the item. When you reach it you discover that while it would be the perfect gift for a certain person o…
Are You Still Facebook Friends With Former Coworkers?
Do you have co-workers you chat with about each others family and life events? You seem to be friends -- at work anyway.
Then that co-worker gets let go by the company and all of a sudden you get unfriended on Facebook! Huh? You weren't the one who let them go or had anything to do with it.
Good Samaritans Helped My Son Get Home Safely
We hear stories about them ... they are quietly among us. They appear when needed then fade back into obscurity.
No, I'm not talking about superheroes, although you could call them modern-day superheroes.
They are good Samaritans. A couple of those good Samaritans helped my son recently.

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