Michele Mathews

Is This Your Bunny? It’s at Lowe’s in Yakima
This cute stuffed bunny kept popping up In my Facebook newsfeed, which piqued my curiosity.
So I read the post that accompanied the little bunny.
The post was put up by Amy Wallawine. She works at the local Lowe's and posted the bunny pic on multiple group sites that I'm a member of.
When I read the po…
The Kids Haven’t Outgrown Pumpkin-Carving Yet!
With my two older sons out of the nest, it's nice to still have two younger kids in the house who still want to do all the fun holiday stuff -- which means carving pumpkins. And now, we also have my niece, who recently moved from Texas, living next door, so she joins in on the family fun.
They a…
Do You Plan Or Just Pack Up On Moving Day?
Rik and his wife are arguing over how to pack and move. Megan, Rik's wife, is a planner like me. You pack like-minded things in boxes together and label them so that when you unpack the moving truck those labeled boxes go in the corresponding room.
Rik's idea of packing (now keep in mind he was in th…

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