Michele Mathews

Spouse for Sale: If You Were Writing an Ad, What Would It Say?
In India, the police are investigating a wife being placed for sale on Facebook by her debt-ridden husband. Authorities believe he was trying to pay off his credit card bills, but the husband is claiming that someone hacked his account and placed the ad.
So I decided to write an ad placing Rik up for…
What Song Do You Know Word for Word?
My kids think I'm pretty hilarious when one particular song comes on: Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby."
I know that song word for word. My singing does include some dancing, which can sometimes include the running man.
Which song or songs do you know every word to...
Should You Tip the Car Wash Attendant?
I frequent the car wash about once a week now that I have a black vehicle.
Recently, my girlfriend was with me when I rolled through the car wash. Because my car is black, I go to the "touchless" car wash and at the end of the wash, a couple of people are waiting to dry off my car.

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