Michele Mathews

Is Country Losing Its Identity? [POLL]
When you think of the CMT Awards do you think of Pitbull, 5th Harmony and Elle King?
Yeah ... me either. And as much as I love all types of music and the mixing of music genres I was sitting there thinking ... what the? Pitbull? At the Country Music Television Awards...
Applying Cat Eye Makeup Is No Easy Trick
I love shopping for makeup, but trying to apply it like the makeup girl in the store usually results in a #hail.
YouTube has a ton of helpful makeup tips, which I didn't have growing up.
I've been trying my hand at the cat eye, which is a difficult makeup trick...
Are Bald Men Really More Attractive? [POLL]
Is bald better? The answer is yes, based on a recent survey of women. Women find bald men more masculine, dominant and stronger.
Huh? I obviously was left out of this survey. I like hair that I can run my fingers through, maybe give it a little pull. Not rubbing a shiny smooth head that reminds me of…
Teeny, Tiny Red Spiders Are Everywhere — What Are They?
Help! My side of The Bull studio seems to be infested with teeny, tiny little red spiders!
Every morning there are about five of these little suckers crawling all over my papers.
I've never had to deal with teeny, tiny spiders, but they still creep me out just like their bigger relatives...

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