Michele Mathews

Is It OK to Tattoo a Baby?
This breaks my heart ... as a mother of four kids, one of whom was born 2 months preemie and one of whom needed seizure medication as an infant, I can understand the fear as well as the struggle.
A Reddit user known as Thrwydad posted this, looking for advice:
Wanted: A New Prosecutor for Couples Court
Can you argue and debate? Maybe you're a real attorney?
The Morning Bull Pen is in need of a prosecutor for Couples Court, which takes place every Thursday morning.
Apply here if you think you can handle yourself in Judge Michele Mathews courtroom...
Practice Pays Off For Shaylee and the Naches Pink Bombers
My little Shaylee has been playing AAU basketball since she was in first grade. She can make baskets during practice, but has yet to make one during a game.
She's gotten frustrated over the past couple years. I keep telling her to work hard at practice and eventually it will pay off.
Well ... on …

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