Michele Mathews

Should You Remove Tattoos From Past Relationships? [POLL]
A Bull Pen listener needs your help ...
Dear Rik, Michele and Cefus:
My boyfriend and I have been talking marriage. I think he is getting ready to propose. We did have a bit of an argument on Friday over one of my tattoos. It has the names of my two kids and my ex-husband. He wants me to remove my ex&…
Should We Invite Kenny the Elf Back? We Are Just Not Sure …
Have you ever had a family member you were unsure you should invite back for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Maybe they hit the bottle a little too hard or caused a scene at the dinner table. Whatever the case may be, we are in that situation now with an old friend of ours. Which begs the question:
What’s a Quick, Easy Snack for a Halloween Party?
HELP! I need ideas for a cute and creative Halloween party snack to bring to Shaylee's classroom party -- but it has to be something that doesn't require Martha Stewart ninja skills!
It doesn't necessarily have to be healthy, just a little on the easy side...
Which Horror Movie Villain Scares You the Most?
This time of year is so fun: Halloween, costumes, carving pumpkins and the gorgeous fall colors. Except for one thing ... the horror movies, especially one in particular that I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LIKE! Scares the bleep out of me. The movie "Halloween" with Michael Myers.
Dads-and-Daughters Hair School Braids Hearts Together
This has to be one of the most precious things I've seen in awhile -- a single dad in Florida hosted a hair school for dads with daughters.
The dads-and-daughters hair class was created to help dads learn about doing hair. The dads learned how to brush hair, ponytails, braids and buns.
Sam Hunt Wears That Same White T-Shirt Everywhere!
Sam Hunt's new video for "Breakup In a Small Town" premiered Monday and Sam is literally smokin hot!
I did happen to notice something in the video ... Sam is wearing the same white T-shirt that he wore at Watershed. It's not just any white T-shirt ...

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