Yakima Bakery Sells Homemade Peeps for Easter
It's a traditional Easter candy that some people love or they don't like at all. Marshmallow Peeps are abundant on store shelves this time of year, but a local bakery in Yakima decided to take the concept and make them better simply by making them themselves.
6 Facts About My Favorite Easter Candy: Peeps
There is one thing that I ALWAYS loved about Easter: PEEPS!
When I was younger you could only get Peeps at Easter unlike today, when there are Peeps for every holiday.
Here are six facts about all that sugar-coated marshmallow goodness ...
They’re Back a Little Early, But I’m Not Complaining [PHOTO]
Hmmm February 27th and Easter is already in stores. Not a big surprise here in the good ole USA, and I'm not complaining that I'm able to stock up on fresh peeps (which are my favorite easter candy in case you were wondering.) But don't you think it's too soon for Easter?
How Many Peeps are Sold Each Year in The US?
One of my favorite Easter treats is the world famous Peep! I could eat these marshmallow treats all day everyday. Since they are seasonal I have to stock up on Peeps this time of year, and that got me thinking...How many Peeps are sold in the US each year?
Fun Facts About Easter Candy
Easter Candy: You Love it. We love it. Your hyperactive children love it. There's nothing like stuffing your mug with a few Cadbury Cream Eggs before breakfast.
But did you know...?