Do You Recycle or Save Your Christmas Wrapping Paper and Bows?
Do you recycle or save your Christmas wrapping paper or bows? I can remember last year at Christmas with my stepsister meticulously unwrapping her present then neatly folding the wrapping paper up and placing it in a bag with the bows. I was like, is she for real? In my mind I was thinking "Is …
Should School Administrators Carry Guns? [POLL]
This coming school year 11 Toppenish administrators will carry guns in hopes of protecting students if something were to happen. What do you think, should principals and vice principals carry guns? Vote in the poll.
Weenies or Marshmallows? [POLL]
Watershed is coming up and we have your chance to win tickets from Grumpys Outdoor Supply. This contest led to a conversation about camping and campfires and roasting food over the fire. Which do you prefer to roast, weenies or marshmallows?
To Lift the Pitbull Ban or Not, That is the Question [POLL]
The Yakima City Council will decide tonight on the citywide Pit bull ban. The breed has been barred from the City of Yakima since the late 80's. Now a group of advocates is asking us to overturn the ban and create regulations for Pit bull owners. There are groups and people on both sides of thi…
What is Your Favorite Christmas Movie? [POLL]
Now that Thanksgiving is behind us it's a great time to dust off those Christmas Movies. Even if you put one on in the background while you decorate it really sets the mood for Christmas. Which Christmas movie is your favorite? Vote in our poll below!
Which Classic Halloween Costume is Your Favorite? [POLL]
As a kid I always looked forward to Halloween and not just because of the candy. I enjoyed dressing up in costume and going door to door in the neighborhood. Most of the time my Dad saved money and we made our costumes out of things around the house. That was good and bad depending on what I was.

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