BMW April Fools’ Prank Turned Out To be True
BMW took out an ad in the paper stating they were going to have an April Fools' special -- trade in your old car for a brand-new BMW. Sounds like an April Fools' prank to me. These ladies decided to check it out, just in case. It turned out they made the right choice.
Zombie Girl in Camera Phone Prank Creeps Victims [VIDEO]
Jack Vale is one of the kings of pranks on YouTube. You should check out some of the rest of the awesome stunts he has pulled off. This one may be my favorite. He asks people to take his picture but, only visible through his phone, a zombie girl walks by...
Chuckie Orders Drive-Thru in Prank Video
MagicOfRahat has another drive-thru prank. This time around, they have Chuckie ordering from the drive-thru window. Once again, it's not so much the prank, but the reactions that make the video.

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