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Michele’s Big Catch at Grumpy’s [VIDEO]
Rik has had trouble keeping track of Michele and I lately, in fact ever since we started this promotion with Grumpy's we've been told to spend a lot of time their. Michele and I took that seriously.
Michele hasn't touched a fishing poll since she was 10 and she wanted to pick it back u…
If Local Radio DJs Were WWE Superstars — Here Are Their Bios
On the eve of WWE tickets going on sale for the Summerslam Heatwave Tour Aug. 10 at the SunDome, I asked a few of my co-workers who their favorite past and present WWE Superstars are.
This led to "What if we were WWE Superstars?" We all know that is a superfan's dream...
Lindsay to Make Her Debut on Rik’s Birthday
Thursday morning Lindsay Brown will make her debut on 92.9 The Bull. As the winner of our Wanna Be a DJ contest, Lindsay will co-host the Morning Bull-Pen show with Rik Mikals while Michele is on vacation. But that's not the only reason to listen.
The Bull-Pen Finally Goes Shopping [VIDEO]
Rik and Michele are on the hunt for Lindsay's hat and jacket as she prepares to fill in for Michele later this month.
The "Wanna Be a Bull DJ" contest drew thousands of people (OK, maybe like 25) due to the fact that the winner would receive a cool hat and jacket with The Bull's logo on it.…
Whose Mom is it Anyway? [AUDIO]
Whose mom is it, anyway? Mother's Day is Sunday and on the show this morning we invited each of our moms to tell a story from each of our childhoods then have you guess whose mom was telling the story. Our winner received a $50 gift certificate for a meal at Apple Tree Golf Course. The winner a…
Walk a Mile in Her Shoes … No, Really
This Friday at noon, Rik and I are going to attempt to 'Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.' We are raising money and awareness in an effort to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence. We as men need to take an active role and try to better understand some of the major issues that affect our s…
Say What!? You’ve Never Heard of Fireball Whisky [VIDEO]
I was a little surprised when my two morning show partners told me they had never tried Fireball Whisky. Michele Matthews, who I know drinks more than Rik Mikals told me she tried it for the first time this past weekend at a birthday party. She had it chilled

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