Should Teachers Be Allowed to Strike? — Survey of the Day
Chicago is in the midst of teacher strike that is affecting roughly 350,000 students.
There is some debate over whether the strike is permitted under Illinois law since the unions' list of grievances extends beyond pay and benefits -- which are the only issues they have the l…
Back to School Shopping List…Good Luck
I can remember going back to school, the nerves and excitement of another year of learning. I've been out for 10 years but it seems like yesterday that I was out with my old man buying all the things I needed to be prepared for school.
Scotty McCreery Gets Accepted to College
It’s been a whirlwind and well-documented year for Scotty McCreery with his ‘American Idol‘ win, his No. 1 hit album ‘Clear As Day,’ his busy touring and interview schedule and the time he reserves for family and friends. He’s also going to continue to mix work with school, as he has applied to seve…
Taste of Home Cooking School [VIDEO]
We're all pretty excited that the Taste of Home Cooking School is coming to Yakima on May 21st. If you're not exactly sure what it is, here's a quick video that explains it all. Tons of booths for convenient shopping, recipes, ideas around the kitchen and live, interactive cooking sho…

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