How Is Smoking Cigarettes Still A Thing?
I'll admit to having lit up when I was a teenager but fortunately for me I never caught the "habit". I do like a cigar from time to time... once a year when I'm in Vegas maybe. As far as cigarettes go however I have never understood the fascination...
70-Year-Old Color-Blind Man Cured After Hitting Head in Nasty Fall
70-year-old Rich Riggs of Yakima was born colorblind. There are a couple of colors he could identify like blue and orange but, for the most part, he has said that almost everything else was a shade of grey. This was until recently when he took a nasty spill, hit his head and, when he gathered himsel…
Can Money Buy Happiness?
People have always told you money can't buy you happiness. It usually comes from people with money telling you when you're flat broke. Well, one of my favorite YouTube Channels, ASAP SCIENCE, wanted to figure this theory out. Here's what they came up with.
What an Ant’s Home Looks Like Using Molten Aluminum [VIDEO]
I've always been pretty curious on what an ant farm looks like on the inside. Not those 2-D kid's things you can pick up at the store, but an actual 'shrink yourself down' drop down and anthill home would look like. These guys pour molten aluminum down an anthill so it will harde…

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