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Mariners Unveil New Commercials for 2013
While the Mariners have pulled up the rear in the standings more often than not over the last decade, one area where the M's always excel is in their annual batch of promotional commercials.  In fact, they are consistently voted tops in the big leagues by fans across the country.
My all-time favorite…
Seattle Mariners Are Running Out of Fans!
There's a new list out of the pro sports teams who are RUNNING OUT OF FANS.  And it makes one thing clear:  Fair weather fans make or break your attendance.
The list is based on how much each team's attendance has declined over the past decade...
The Mariners’ “The Peanut Man” Passes
I remember being at an M's game for Father's Day and he tossed a bag behind the back with a high arch that carried at least 30 plus feet and perfectly hit my nephew's glove. MY OH MY! God Speed Rick " The Peanut Man"! Toss a bag to Dave.
Baseball Goes Green
A new promotion by the Seattle Mariners, Free Compost Night, will pique the interest of green fans. The team is giving away bags of compost made from the trash generated during the ball games. The compost, made of recycled paper, food and other garbage strewn around Safeco Field, will be processed b…

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