Do You Get Flu Shots? [POLL]
A get a little bit sick every single year, but it has been years since I have gotten really super-sick. This year, though -- right after I had a flu shot -- I was flat on my beck with the worst cold I have had in a very long time.
What Can I Do to Shorten My “Kid Crud”?
I have caught my kids cold, which I call the "kid crud". They seem to get over it quickly, while mine hangs on for dear life and lasts for a week or more!
As a busy mom of four I really don't have the luxury to be sick for a long period of time...
123 Fall Ill After Night in Playboy Hot Tub
Last February, Hugh Hefner and his posse held a fundraising event at the notorious Playboy mansion.
And though many decadent, debaucherous parties lead to a few exchanged diseases, this one resulted in over 100 people reporting pneumonia and flu-like symptoms after the evening's shindig came to …