Does Yakima Valley Need Longer Vacations? [POLL]
When I first started in the work force, I didn't take a sick day or a vacation for almost three years. I was bound and determined to get ahead in this life. Then I got sick and had to take off five days. When I got back, they said I had three days left for the entire year. What the heck? Three years…
A Little Girl Sleeps Soundly on Her Dad’s Roller Bag
When you've got a sleepy kid with you and you're trying to make a connecting flight at the airport, here's how to handle it.
There's a new video online of a little girl passed out, face-down and spread eagle on top of her dad's roller bag while he drags her behind him.
What Do You Do When You Can’t Sleep?
I think I've finally figured out the key to a long nights sleep. The room temperature has to be just right. I've found that if I get the room down to 64 degrees then I sleep like a baby (a good baby) all night. The question is
How To Get Your Kids Sleeping on Christmas Eve – What Do You Do?
Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting days in the world because tomorrow is Christmas. The anticipation of what comes tomorrow for youngsters gets them all anxious and, if you were like me, had trouble actually getting to sleep on Christmas Eve. As a kid, here's what I did to get to sleep.
Check Out the Strangest Places People Fall Asleep!
According to a new survey, 67% of Americans admit they fall asleep somewhere other than their bed at least once every few weeks.  10% say it happens daily.  So where are we randomly passing out?  Check it out . . .
12% have fallen asleep at work...