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What About Samuel Jackson as the Next James Bond?
Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery and Daniel Craig -- what do these three have in common? I know ... super-easy question.
They all played James Bond. And the latest James Bond movie, "Spectre," is currently killing it in theaters!
But speculation is that this will be Craig's last Bond film -- lea…
Should You Remove Tattoos From Past Relationships? [POLL]
A Bull Pen listener needs your help ...
Dear Rik, Michele and Cefus:
My boyfriend and I have been talking marriage. I think he is getting ready to propose. We did have a bit of an argument on Friday over one of my tattoos. It has the names of my two kids and my ex-husband. He wants me to remove my ex&…
What’s a Quick, Easy Snack for a Halloween Party?
HELP! I need ideas for a cute and creative Halloween party snack to bring to Shaylee's classroom party -- but it has to be something that doesn't require Martha Stewart ninja skills!
It doesn't necessarily have to be healthy, just a little on the easy side...
Dads-and-Daughters Hair School Braids Hearts Together
This has to be one of the most precious things I've seen in awhile -- a single dad in Florida hosted a hair school for dads with daughters.
The dads-and-daughters hair class was created to help dads learn about doing hair. The dads learned how to brush hair, ponytails, braids and buns.
Sam Hunt Wears That Same White T-Shirt Everywhere!
Sam Hunt's new video for "Breakup In a Small Town" premiered Monday and Sam is literally smokin hot!
I did happen to notice something in the video ... Sam is wearing the same white T-shirt that he wore at Watershed. It's not just any white T-shirt ...
Polo Shirts Are Out of Fashion, Gurus Say [POLL]
I know two people who will be upset by this news (my son, Mathew, and Cefus): The days of the polo shirt are over.
The polo shirt, once known as a status symbol that hinted at a well-to-do lifestyle, was popularized by the fashion genius Ralph Lauren.

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