There’s A New Starbucks In Town!
It seems like everywhere you look there's another Starbucks moving in and setting up shop. In fact, in Los Feliz, CA, they just had a dumb starbucks open up the other day. No, literally. The place is actually called "Dumb Starbucks"! It has everything a normal Starbucks has, f…
I Was Shocked At What My Son Tweets On Twitter
I am finally a tweeter! You can follow me on twitter at @michelem929.
Gunner has been harping on me to get on twitter. Plus, I learned that all the teenagers are leaving Facebook because their parents are on it and heading to twitter.
Funny Tweets By Parents the Week of March 18
Parents + Internet = Awesome. Don't believe us? Check out some of the funniest things tweeted by parents this week, including Melissa Joan Hart's son's funny incident with childproof medicine bottles and Jim Gaffigan's vow regarding kids and restaurants:
Best Twitter Reactions to the New iPhone 5
So Apple is releasing a new iPhone (again). It's thinner, lighter, bigger and faster. It comes with headphones that might actually fit your ears. It fits in your hand. It also possesses the ability to explode the Twitterverse. Here's what people are saying.
5 Reasons to Follow Blake Shelton on Twitter
For those of you who tweet or use twitter one person you should follow is Blake Shelton. I've liked Blake since he made mullets cool! He's a down to earth, unfiltered, country music superstar. He tweeted this past week "I'm so famous that coffee can't start it's day…

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