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Why Men And Women Can’t Be Friends? Tell Us What You Think [VIDEOS]
It's an age old question that's not been answered, and if it has been answered women seem to have a different view on the matter than men. I find it almost comical that all the men surveyed in this video didn't think that men and women could be just friends. The implication being that men are attrac…
How Would You Rate These 6 in Your Relationship?
When looking for a future wife or husband we wanted to see how you would rate these 6 relationship traits. You can imagine that the ladies will rate this much differently than the guys. So the question is how would you rate these 1 through 6. I wonder if any of the couples
Top 10 Texts for Breaking Up
This must be a generational thing, but breaking up by text message is becoming more popular. According to 1 in 10 people now break up by text. Texting advice dot com says these are the best break up texts to send if you need to end it now...

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