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Shouldn’t You Take Off Your Hat When You Go Indoors?
A recent White House photo has not only me, but several others asking a question: Aren't you supposed to take off your hat inside? Not to mention that it's the White House of all places! Isn't it a matter of respect for the office? Or just a matter of respect in general?
Not according to some of Pres…
Yakima’s Best Kept Secret for Lunch [PHOTO]
Today, I had the pleasure of dining at the White House, the White House Cafe that is. The White House Cafe in Yakima off of Kern Rd is one of Yakima's best kept secrets for a special lunch.
Playboy Says No to White House Party Crasher Michaele Salahi
First, she was rejected by 'Celebrity Rehab,' and now, Playboy magazine has reportedly turned down nude photos of alleged White House party crasher Michaele Salahi.
Sources for TMZ claim that Salahi received an email from the famous nudie mag, in which they told her that "there is …