If you've ever driven to the Tri-Cities or been to a newer Target store in Western Washington, you know how nice those 'newer' Target stores are!   And if you've been to those Target stores, and compared it to the one we have here in Yakima...  it's a little disappointing.   No Starbucks, No Grocery, No "Newness" etc.

BUT, that's all about to change!  You might have noticed those big storage containers in the Target parking lot... yep, Target is remodeling!  I haven't been this excited since finding out that my wife is pregnant with my beautiful daughter!  Sarcasm?  A little bit, but the wife and I are avid shoppers of Target and we really enjoy shopping those newer Target stores.

I have a call into Target Corporate about what exactly we can expect with this newly renovated Target store, but I do know the remodel will include Fresh Grocery.  As far as the rumored addition of Starbucks and whether it will be a 'Super Target' or not... that has yet to be confirmed, but I will update this story as soon as I get word back from Target Corporate.

Target will remain open during the remodel.