This story from Ohio is unreal. It's a complicated story about love and the effects an affair will have on any relationship.

Love went wrong between Ohio residents Rossie Brovent and Ryan Fitzjerald. The once faithful couple are in a court battle after Rossie asked her then boyfriend to tattoo a scene from the Narnia movie trilogy on her back.

Ryan agreed and in a fit of rage tattooed a steaming pile of excrement, complete with buzzing flies, right on Rossie's back after he discovered she was cheating in him.

After discovering what was tatted on her back, Rossie decided to sue Fitzjerald for about $100,000, but here's the kicker, she has no way to press criminal charges against him because she signed a consent form prior to getting inked, stating that the tattoo was "at the artist's discretion." OUCH!

Rossie told The Sun that Ryan tricked her by offering her a bottle of cheap wine and doing tequila shots before she signed the contract and got the tattoo.

This just stinks, we bet Rossie will think twice about ever getting another tattoo, she's probably scarred for life!