Texting in school, at work, in church, in line at an amusement park, at the supermarket, at a restaurant, at home.

Pick a place and it is likely that someone has texted there, butin the car as the driver is not the best place to be texting and more adults are doing it.

The teenagers are not doing the majority of texting, according to a survey done by AT&T that was reported by KAPP-tv where 43% of teenagers and %50 of adults admit to texting while driving. 

"People think they're the best multi-taskers until they either get in a wreck, or until they get a ticket," said 19-year-old Jorden Cruz via KAPP-tv, "That's when they are proven wrong." 

KAPP-tv reports that Washington State Patrol says it wrote up over 2,000 drivers statewide last year for texting.