Here's some advice to any men listening right now.  Pay VERY close attention to this list, then go home and figure out all the answers.  Because your wife could be listening too, and you WILL be quizzed . . . and judged.

A new survey has figured out the top 15 things most men don't know about their wives.  Some of these make sense, some don't.  But either way, you should really know all of them, and soon.  Here's the list.

#1.)  Her cell phone number.  54% of men don't know it.
#2.)  Her favorite song, 54%.
#3.)  Bra size, 39%.
#4.)  The specific date you met, 35%.
#5.)  Favorite perfume, 34%.
#6.)  Where she went to school, 28%.
#7.)  Her favorite clothing store, 24%.
#8.)  Shoe size, 23%.
#9.)  Dress size, 23%.
#10.)  Underwear size, 20%.
#11.)  Who she considers her best friend, 20%.
#12.)  Her allergies, 20%.
#13.)  HER BIRTHDAY, 12%.  That's about one in eight, by the way.
#14.)  Her natural hair color, 11%.
#15.)  Her official job title, 10%.

The survey also found that more than three-quarters of men think their wife would know ALL of those details about them.