In his familiar perch in front of the U.S. Capitol, legendary CBS journalist and "Face the Nation" host Bob Schieffer looks right at home with some of the most powerful people in the nation. Yesterday, at another Capitol -- the Capitol Theatre -- he told a Yakima Town Hall Series audience stories about competing with the iconic Barbara Walters, sneaking into a meet-and-greet with President Nixon, and attending a Lyndon Johnson rally as a young boy. He had the crowd laughing while still sending the serious message of reforming our political system.

But when I told Schieffer I worked for a local country station, I heard about another side of the Austin, Texas, native: When he loosens up that tie, the 77-year-old sings in a country band, Honky-Tonk Confidential. And the same journalist who writes news stories every day has penned the lyrics to a number of the D.C.-based band's songs.

Backstage in the Capitol Theatre's green room, we talked about George Jones, and I learned that Bob spoke at George's funeral and was close friends with the country legend and his wife, Nancy. Bob lit up when he discussed his other passions: singing and songwriting. The things you would never know unless you were out looking for them.

When I got back to the Bull's studio, I looked up Bob's band and found a few videos on YouTube of Scheiffer & Co. singing the third verse to Garth's "Friends in Low Places." Schieffer looked much different than his pressed suit, sporting a huge belt buckle and a Southern charm that shines through the microphone.

I am going to try and get Bob on the show to talk more about country music and his band. Meantime, here are a few more hidden gems about Schieffer from the depths of the Internet:

Bob Schieffer talks about George Jones on CBS