There's really no other way to describe George Strait -- he is country music. He is a true-blue cowboy, too. He has a style and swagger all his own, a confident yet humble man who's ready to ride away from touring the world.

George started touring before I was born and he has had at least one No. 1 hit for every year of my life. This man transcends generations with his style of country music. He is one of the few artists who's never had to change his sound to stay relevant. I don't even know how to wrap my head around 60 No.1 hits. Unreal!

As I looked around the Tacoma Dome on Saturday I saw people off all ages cheering and singing along.

The set -- a simple layout with four microphone stands on each side of the stage -- personified George Strait. Old-school graphics and neon signs that turned the Tacoma Dome into a huge honky-tonk. The only thing missing was a dance floor.

The King kicked off the show with "The Fireman" and closed it out with the "Cowboy Rides Away." He kept playing hit after hit and by the time the show was over he still had 30 more No. 1s he could have played for the rowdy crowd. You could tell his timeless hits like "Check Yes or No" and "Amarillo by Morning" because the crowd sang along loudly which made George dawn that one of a kind smile.

George seemed content with his final show in Washington state, saying he would always carry the memory of us fans with him, and that when he's back at his ranch in Texas he will still remember our cheers and the great memories we gave him.

Thank you, George. Thank you for being you.