Meet-and-greets at Watershed mean a lot of waiting around, so to pass the time at the Gorge last weekend, we started chatting with the employees of LiveNation.

They are the unsung heroes behind the scenes who keep everyone safe, help with medical issues, serve food and drinks, work the ticket box office and clean up the HUGE mess left behind.

They are a melting pot of people -- one is a teacher during the school year from Enumclaw who works at the Gorge over his summer break. One is a 22-year-old who goes to college during the school year and has to make money during the summer.

Townsquare Media, Michele Mathews
Townsquare Media, Michele Mathews

Not only do they work at the venue, but when the concert ends and everyone heads back to camp, they patrol the campgrounds to make sure no craziness goes down.

They also take the brunt of upset concert goers. Take Saturday for example -- the wind delayed all the concerts on the main stage. We were waiting near the Next from Nashville Stage, which is the small stage up on the hill, when we saw a bunch of security guards huddled up looking worried. We inched our way closer so we could eavesdrop. We overheard them say, "Get the Next from Nashville Stage ready in case we have to bring the main act up here."

Picture 20,000 people trying to cram into the Next from Nashville Stage tent. It would have been craziness with a ton of ticked-off people who the employees at the venue would have had to deal with. Like the wind is all their fault or they could do anything about it.

Thank you just doesn't seem like enough to those who work at the Gorge and put up with all the crazy!