My two younger kids, Jackson and Shaylee along with their cousin Natalie where watching 'Finding Bigfoot' the other night upstairs. I was downstairs, so I had no idea they where watching this show. They usually watch Disney or Nickelodeon, so I don't normally have to question what they are watching.

They were all downstairs after watching the show and I told them it was time to get in the shower to start getting ready for bed. They couldn't decide who was going first, which is not unusual. Then, Jackson who was first to get in the shower was stalling. They all had funny looks on their faces. My mom radar started going off that something was going on? I had a feeling that they didn't want to go upstairs by themselves. I tested out that theory and told Jackson to get in the shower.

That's when they started telling me that they didn't want to go upstairs by themselves because they had been watching Finding Bigfoot and they where all scared.

I tried not to laugh and told them that Bigfoot was not real. If he was real he certainly wouldn't come into our house. He just wants to be in the forest and left alone.

For reinforcements I sent them upstairs in pairs.