Stores use all kinds of marketing tricks to separate you from your money, and you probably know about some of them . . . like how they put things on the ends of the aisles, even when the sale's not that good.

But here are three more marketing tricks you might NOT know about.

#1.)  Bigger Shopping Carts.  When you're dieting, you're not supposed to use big plates, because it subconsciously makes you eat more.  And apparently that rule applies with shopping carts too.

The bigger your cart is, the more food you buy.  One study found that when they doubled the size of shopping carts, people bought about 40% more.  And in the last two years, even the carts at Whole Foods have almost doubled in size.

#2.)  They Lower Prices on Popular Products, Then Raise Prices on Other Things.  For example, they might have a really good price on eggs . . . which everyone buys . . . but they make up for it by marking up everything ELSE.

They get away with it because when you see a good price on something like milk or laundry detergent, you naturally assume they have low prices on EVERYTHING.

#3.)  They Put You in the Mood to Shop.  A lot of stores stack high-priced items near the front.  But it's not just because they want you to buy them.

They know that even if you DON'T buy them, seeing high-end stuff when you first walk in makes you more likely to buy OTHER things.