Michele mentioned it this morning and now it's official. Tim and Faith will be headlining the Soul2Soul concert in Las Vegas starting in December. If you're planning your Vegas trip around this show, it only happens on weekend with four shows each weekend starting December 7th through April of 2013. Tickets go on sale Monday, August 13th, but pre-sale tickets are on sale August 8th.


Soul2Soul marks the first time Tim and Faith have been on stage together since six years ago. Since it's Las Vegas, you'll be treated to an awesome set with lighting and production you can expect with any big show.

Tim and Faith said:

"We are creating a show that will be completely different from what we've done before -- and might ever do again. In arenas and stadiums, you're always faced with the challenge of finding ways to make people feel closer to the action, no matter where they might be sitting. Now everyone will be close, so it opens up all kinds of creative possibilities and we're looking forward to exploring those so that we can really give our fans something truly special."

We're truly excited for this show! Tickets are on sale at the Venetian's website.