Shoplifting is up 6% compared to 2010 and retailers are expected to lose $119 billion to shoplifting this year. According to AdWeek, 1 in every 11 people who walk through the door are likely to walk out with at least one item he or she didn’t pay for. But you may be shocked to find out what items shoppers love to steal if you believe the shoplifting stereotypes that shoplifters are shady teenagers or have stolen every item in their home. The truth is that only 3% of shoplifters are considered “professionals,” 70% did not go into the store determined to shoplift, and 75% of shoplifters are adults, many of whom have jobs. In fact, the typical shoplifter is probably a middle class male. The top 10 most shoplifted items, according to AdWeek:

1. Filet Mignon and other “luxury” meats
2. Expensive liquors
3. Electric toothbrushes and electric tools
4. Gadgets and laptops
5. Razor blades – especially Gillette Mach 4
6. AXE deodorants and body washes
7. Designer apparel
8. Anything on the Toys”R”Us 2011 “Hot Toys” list – especially Let’s Rock Elmo
9. Expensive fragrances
10. Big-name athletic shoes