So, you're taking someone out on your first date. First impressions are important so you better make it a good one. Do you take them to your favorite spot? Their favorite spot? Maybe a new place or perhaps it's a staple dating location for Yakima? We asked you on Facebook what makes for a great date location. With your help, here are the top 5 in no particular order.

1.) Skateland

Definitely a staple in the Yakima Valley for many years. We went there as a kid, continued going there as grown-ups. Even bring our kids there now to continue the cycle. Many of us learned how to roller skate here and would even come here on school field trips. Skateland is timeless and brings you back to a youthful, less stressful time.

2.) Picnic
There are no shortage of places to have a picnic in the park. It's romantic, it's cost efficient, it gets you out of the house and away from most technology. Find a spot of grass or a picnic table and eat outside while enjoying the nice weather. Randall Park, Franklin Park, Sarge Hubbard and Gilbert Park are some favorites. The good thing with Randall Park is after your done you can feed the ducks the leftovers.

3.) Meadowbrook Family Fun Center

Another youthful location with a little something for everyone. Video games, mini-golf, go-karts and all the snack food you may need. Best thing is you can go there during the day when the kids are in school and you basically have the whole place to yourself. visit their website here

4.) Camping/Fishing

Okay, now I'd be a little leary of inviting someone up in the hills for the first time going anywhere together but according to several of the Facebook posts, there isn't much more romantic than getting away from Yakima so you can see the stars better. Fishing at Clear Lake or even starting a campfire near Bumping Lake and toasting some marshmallows may be worth your while.

5.) Dinner and a Movie

When in doubt, there's always the good ol' reliable dinner and a movie. Depending on which theater you're going to there won't be a shortage of places to eat within proximity. Park at Millennium Plaza to eat at Olive Garden, Sports Center or SpeakEasy than casually stroll to Uptown Plaza or you can eat at Applebee's with the Majestic being right down the street. Just remember to bring cash as the Mercy theaters don't accept debt/credit cards.

Did we leave something out? Leave a comment below on what makes the perfect date for you.