1.) People only call you when they want something: Life is so busy and it’s hard to not get offended when people call you when they want something. I try to think and be grateful that I could help them and that at least the call brought us together. Now if the person who calls is a taker and not appreciative, then I just say “I’m busy” and call it good.

2.) There is no extended summer vacation: We are trained from childhood that we get the summer to play and have fun -- that is until we become adults. Now I realize that our summer vacations were bankrolled by my old man. Now we end up paying for our own family trips.

3.) There is very little time for yourself once you have children: I don’t personally have any children, but every mom or dad I know will tell you that your kids become your life. If you don’t understand that it’s time to hang up your party outfit and make your kids No. 1, you are going to have some serious issues and so will your kids

4.) Money doesn’t grow on trees: You can’t say hey, Mom/Dad, I need money for whatever it is you want to buy. Time to get a J-O-B and pay your own way.

5.) You don’t need (or get) as much sleep as you did in your teenage days: Long work days and less time in general mean you sacrifice sleep if you want to watch your favorite TV show or have a little "me" time. Try to get at least six to eight hours, so you don’t become an irritable unhappy person.