TRACE ADKINS is one of the millions stuck in New York City waiting out Hurricane Sandy.  He's in town taping "The Celebrity Apprentice", but production had to shut down for obvious reasons.

Trace's hotel is a couple of blocks from that busted crane that's been all over the news.  He Tweeted his own photo of it because he knew that the crew totally screwed up.

CMT saw Trace's post and asked for his take.  He told them, quote, "When we'd prepare for a storm, when I worked oil rigs offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, you always laid the crane boom down.

"What they did here on this crane was they left it standing up on an angle, so when the wind caught it, it blew it right back over the top and it flopped over the other way."

Trace also Tweeted a reminder that we need to pull together and help the victims of the storm.  He wrote, "Help the Red Cross in this time of need for families affected by Hurricane Sandy."