On the day after the 10th anniversary of Facebook let's take some time to reflect on how we use this social media connection forum.

Facebook is like anything in life, it's up to you how you want to use it. I think it's a great way to stay up to date with family and friends that don't live close by. Facebook is also a great way to get feedback from family and friends on different events in your life. It's a great place to share recipes and photo's and anything else you want out there for everyone to see.

Facebook also offers you the opportunity to miss out on real life. I have two close friends who refuse to get a Facebook for their own reasons, and they are very happy with that decision. They both tell me they want to live real life and avoid a lot of the drama that comes with a Facebook. I can understand that.

Now to one of my main gripes about Facebook friends that I will try not to be guilty of in the new year. It's called Vaguebooking and you've most likely been guilty of it without even knowing you're doing it. So what is Vaguebooking?

A person who practices vaguebooking on Facebook.
Jane's Facebook Status: OMG, I just give up!

Comment: Vaguebooker

Comment: Are you vaguebooking to get attention?

I will admit that it's human nature to reach out for attention or affirmation when you're feeling down or upset. You want your friends and family to care about you and your life, but vaugebooking just makes you look like drama queen or attention seeker. I've thrown out a few angry or frustrated posts at times and some of my facebook friends probably felt that I was being dramatic. I think it's safe to say after reflecting my social media habits that specifics matter to my true friends. They are curious about what's going on and want the deets. Instead they get a vaguebook post about what? They don't know what it's about because I was being vauge. Think about this, if you don't want to put your issue out there on Facebook then don't. Reach out to your real friends privately and let them help you work through the issue.

My article here does not apply to quotes or sayings. You may put them out there for a specific reason but sometimes people read to much into quotes or sayings. They let their minds run wild and think the quote is about something going on in your life, and that may be true but you don't need to clarify that. You may just like the saying or quote. Hope you don't get offended by this is you're a vaguebooker, it's purpose is to help you see yourself from another perspective. Make it a great day!