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Stein’s Ace is THE largest independent hardware store in the Yakima Valley!

Only Stein’s has the largest selection of hardware and fasteners; from brands such as Hillman, Simpson, Kwikset, Schlage, and Ace – as well as a full service lumber yard!

Highly trained staff.

Motto: ACE, the Helpful Place: “Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks!”

Founded: Stein’s has served the valley for 25 years.

Why They’re Unique: They are the helpful staff that knows the business, the products, and how to serve you.

Additionally, five of their experts are certified by the “American Retail Hardware Association.”

They Can Answer Questions Relating to:
What paint would work the best for…

Should I use nails or screws for…

I have a new puppy. Which dog food would be the best to start with?

What do I need to rewire my lamp so it will work?

What can I use to get my sink to drain?

I have a leak in my pipe under the sink…what do you have to fix it?

My toilet keeps running…what do I need to get to fix it?

I’m refinishing this dresser…what sandpaper should I use?

What kind of hardware and fasteners do I need for my new dog kennel I’m building?

Led by: Brad Cunningham and staff

Brad is Stein’s Ace Hardware’s Store Manager.  He has worked with the owner for years.

For the past ten years running, they have been voted the best hardware store in the Yakima Valley.

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