I am one of those people who was NOT born with lush thick eye lashes. They are blonde, thin and short. To even see that I have eye lashes ... I have to apply black mascara.

I decided to take the leap and get eye lash extensions. One of my girlfriends has them and she totally loves them! I will admit I was a little scared and excited all rolled into one!

Thanks to Angelica Rodriguez at the Hair Cafe all my worries faded away. Angelica was so nice and she explains everything to you, so you know what to expect.

I opted for the "Wings", which are the ends of your lashes and it took only 30 minutes. You can get full extensions with different lengths. Whatever you would like!

Now some places in town charge anywhere from $120 - $160 for full lash extensions and with 4 kids there is no way I would spend that much! Angelica does it for a great price and she is currently running a Seize the Deal. It's a $65 value for only $30! Go to www.seizethedeal.com