My son Benjamin went to his High School Homecoming a couple weeks ago in Naches. It was his first real date and I had tried to prep him with everything he needed to know to be a gentlemen. Example: Open the car door and any door for your date, help her with her coat, (if she has one) and tip the waiter or waitress.

The kids had dinner at Bob's Burgers and some of us parents sat in the bar and had dinner together.

After dinner, we where outside with Benjamin and his date. I asked him if he had remembered to tip his waiter. He said, "No, I forgot." His dad and I made him go back into the restaurant and tip the waiter.

Gunner thinks it was an aweful thing to do to him because it embarressed him in front of his date.

I however ... thought it was a great lesson for him to learn.

Was it wrong for me to make him go back and tip the waiter?