We've implemented no-electronics day again this summer in my household.

We did this last summer, too. For day each week, the kids where not allowed to play/do anything that took power. No iPad, computer, TV or video games.

The kids know that every Wednesday is the designated day. I warned them Tuesday night that when they got up it would no-electronics day and that I'd better not catch them using any electronics.

They all asked me, "What are we supposed to play with?" I told them there were plenty of things they could do -- play outside, play board games, ride the four-wheelers or play with ALL the toys they have. I thought to myself, "This is going to be like pulling teeth!"

To my surprise, when I got home after work that morning, the TV was turned off, no one had their iPads out and they where talking about going outside to play.

Do you have a no-electronics day during the summer?