Every year our kids get to pick out a Christmas ornament. Usually they pick out an ornament that represents something that happened that year or something that they like. For example - my son was sprayed by a skunk last year and he picked the Pepe La Pew ornament.

The reason for this Christmas tradition is so that when they leave home and have their own house they will have Christmas tree decorations. The best part is that each ornament will bring back a memory.

I found out that our Christmas ornament tradition has rubbed off on my niece. Her family lived with us over the holiday season last year when she was going through chemo treatment for leukemia. I took her along with my kids when we purchased their ornaments. They have moved back to Alaska now that she is done with her treatment and she made her mom take her to get her ornament for this year. This made my heart swell!!

What Christmas traditions do you have?