What hairstyle is your guy rocking? A mullet or maybe a fauxhawk?

Do you think his hairstyle is sexy?

Women's Health Magazine asked readers, "What's the sexist haircut a guy can have?"

Shockingly, mullet and fauxhawk did not make the list. NOT.

Here are the results:

59% said short and well groomed
27% wavy and tousled
9% buzzed head
3% straight
2% long hair

I was surprised that bald was not on the list. I would rather a guy who is going bald just shave his head instead of trying to hold on to what hair he has left, which is usually that ring from ear to ear with no hair on top.

When I first met my husband he had a mullet, but that was the popular thing back in the '90s. Now, he has a clean-cut haircut. He also has a job now, which requires more of a professional haircut.

What haircut on a guy do you consider sexy?