Hemera[/caption]I finally updated my iPhone the other day. (Ok ... I had my son do it.) I've had my iPhone 3GS for almost 2 years and have yet to update it. I was scared to update it because I've heard from other people who have updated their iPhone that they lost everything in their phone.

I HAD to update it because it was running so sloooow that I really couldn't do anything on it and it wasn't getting all of text messages.

My wonderful son backed up everything first and then updated it. When he was done he handed me the phone and said, "Check to make sure your stuff is there." I closed my eyes for a second and said a little iPhone prayer. I started opening up my email, text, and other apps. I started jumping up and down yelling ... "It worked!" My son just looked at me like I was a spaz.

That made me stop and think. Wow ... I really depend on that darn iPhone. Is that good or bad?